Sign Our Petition: $10 an hour for Working Families

Economic justice is a part of a thriving community. Wilmette residents overwhelmingly voted to increase the minimum wage to $10 and to allow employees to earn sick leave. Fair wages and sick leave make a healthier community and a stronger local economy for all of us.

Wilmette is the only North Shore suburb to create an ordinance rejecting the benefits promised by Cook County. We can do better.

By providing my signature and email, I join my neighbors and encourage Wilmette’s Trustees to support our working families: Please honor Cook County’s minimum wage and earned sick leave ordinances.

If you’d rather skip the petition, click here to contact the board.

I'd like a yard sign to display in front of my house. (Put your address in the comments below)

Yes, I will come to the 6/26 village board meeting where the trustees will decide whether to restore higher wages and sick time. Let us know in the comments below if you would like ideas about what to say during public comment.