Sign Our $10 for Working Families Petition

In honor of this Labor Day holiday, please join your neighbors in signing our petition to encourage Wilmette to support its working families. ¬†Wilmette’s residents overwhelmingly voted to increase the minimum wage to $10 and to allow employees to earn sick leave. Fair wages and sick leave make a healthier community and a stronger local economy for all of us.

Wilmette is the only North Shore suburb to create an ordinance rejecting the benefits promised by Cook County. We can do better.

One thought on “Sign Our $10 for Working Families Petition

  • October 13, 2017 at 3:57 pm

    Fair wages and sick leave are in the interests of the Wilmette community. Wilmette Villiage is obliged to reflect the wishes of it residents, the majority of whom support the new laws passed by Cook County to raise minimum hourly wage to $10 and give earned sick leave to workers. Shame on Village President Bob Bielinski for berating WIlmette resident during his comment. The President must not use his power to impose his wishes on the will of the people.

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