Wilmette Residents Respect Our Working Families!

What happened?

In 2016, Cook County passed new laws raising the minimum hourly wage to $10 and giving workers earned sick leave which became effective this July. On June 27th, four days before the law became effective, the Village approved an ordinance created specifically for Wilmette to bypass the new benefits, despite that 70% of voters supported the $10 minimum wage and 74% voted for earned sick leave.

Wilmette is the only suburb among its north-shore neighbors that did this. Evanston, Winnetka, Kenilworth, and Glencoe businesses are all paying employees $10/hour and allowing them to take paid sick days per the law. Skokie is also honoring the county benefits.

We can do better than this and treat our working families fairly. Learn more about the issue in our Frequently Asked Questions.

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